Webhook not sending alpr_results JSON

I have a listener using the webhook feature of the dashboard. i am seeing json group results but not json plate results. Is there configuration options on the agent I am missing? i tried disabling plate_groups_enabled in the agent config, but that only results in the agent not sending anything.

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Hello There,

You can try upload_single_plates = 1 mentioned [here] (https://support.rekor.ai/my/s/article/Realtime-Group-Results?language=en_US)
We should note the the results may be quite large

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The latest version (due to be released generally soon) adds a new feature that tracks vehicles without license plates. These vehicles are searchable by make/model/color, whether the plate appears to have been purposefully removed, as well as a special new type of similarity search. The “vehicle” results are in addition to the alpr_group data type. Results that are tagged as “vehicle” are ones where we tracked a car but did not see a license plate.

You can disable this feature with:
vehicle_tracking_enabled = 0

in /etc/openalpr/alprd.conf

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thank you! i was using https://docs.rekor.ai/ and didn’t see it there :slight_smile: