Web hooks fields


I’m integrating the web hooks with a server, and I would like to receive all the fields as seen in the following picture

Not only the plate number.
Is there any chance to get the local time value as well and a link to the image? or how I can access the image to be able to store it on my server?

Also, another question regarding the webhooks. What would be the best way to verify that the post request received by my server comes from the alpr agent ? At the moment i’m using the post request.body.agent-type field .

Thank you



Yes, that data is available with each WebHook result. The payload will have the following data:

epoch_start and epoch_end will tell you the absolute time (www.epochconverter.com) that the plate was seen.

One good way to verify the POST is to use HTTPS and add a secret key to the URL. For example, set your webhook to be:

In your endpoint, you can check to see that “knockknock” was sent in the query parameters.


Thanks Matt for the prompt reply !


I’ve been trying to use the method described in http://doc.openalpr.com/on_premises.html#json-group-results

My daemon runs on the port 11300, I have tried using both curl and wget:
wget http://localhost:11300/img/[best_uuid].jpg

I’m getting the following message

Resolving localhost (localhost)…
Connecting to localhost (localhost)||:11300… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 No headers, assuming HTTP/0.9
Length: unspecified
Saving to: ‘[best_uuid]’
[best_uuid] [ <=> ] 119 --.-KB/s

This doesn’t stop, something must be wrong with my configuration, do you know what might cause it ?

Thank you