Waiting for video


I’ve added a camera. The camera test shows video. I tested the rtsp feed via vlc it works.

After adding the camera. The openalpr screen is black with a “waiting for video” message. I’ve tried triggering motion, etc and nothing happens. Any thoughts?


Same here. Just switched over to a new windows 10 machine and have the same problem. The stream works fine with test and in VLC but the agent forever says “waiting for video”.


My issue was the passwords were off on the agents.


Interesting. That wouldn’t have prevented the streams from showing up on the agent.

My problem is the I had to grant the openalpr agent rights to interact with the desktop. This meant running the windows management console (mmc.exe):

  1. Run mmc.
  2. Select services
  3. Find “OpenALPR Agent”.
  4. Right click and select properties.
  5. Select “Log On” tab.
  6. Check “Allow service to interact with desktop”.


The “waiting for video” message may also be related to not having licensed the agent. You would notice warning/error messages in View > Agent Logs if this is the case. To fix, go to Configure > Licensing > Online Licensing and enter the credentials for your cloud account

As of 11/5, we released a patch for the agent which will display a more appropriate error message if licensing is indeed the issue