SMTP Settings


I have played with every combination I can think of and even stupid silly ones to no avail.

I would like to get email alerts from the alerts lists but have been unable to figure out the configuration.

I have on-premise alpr configured and no cloud.

Has anyone else been successful ingetting this to work?

I have googled my butt off and cannot find anything to move me past this.


@JaBu - I have it working in my configuration. Other than the SMTP server hostname, what are the other settings you’re trying to input? TLS, port, auth, etc?


Are you configured for gmail, yahoo, icloud? Which one are you using?
I would like to know what you have entered in each field (Don’t need your private info) just trying to compare notes to find out what I’m doing wrong.


People come here for help and in turn help others, If all you’re gonna do is reply to someone stating I have mine working with no intention of follow up - Please do all of us a favor and don’t even bother replying with a useless post!!


JaBu, that’s not cool and not how you should talk to others here. If you read your post carefully you told us you “have played with every combination I can think of and even stupid silly ones to no avail.” and then asked only one question “Has anyone else been successful ingetting this to work?”

So I kindly answered your question and followed-up with several more, none of which you answered. Now granted I never did see your reply, but if you intend to get community help, YOU are the one who must post details of the setup you’re attempting to configure. I can’t release details of my setup, primarily because I don’t want to and I’m not having any issues, but I can help you get yours configured.

If you would like to post the STMP details you’ve entered, we (the community, not just me) can look over them and advise you. For your information, I operate a commercial version of OpenALPR using enterprise SMTP servers, not Gmail.


I do not see any replies from you other than the one just posted.
I do not have an enterprise SMTP server. The only email accounts I have are gmail, yahoo, outlook, and icloud.


Hi JaBu, can you please choose one of those many email providers and post the details you were using on the SMTP page within the OpenALPR web server? Perhaps a screenshot would be best. Also, if it’s not working, any errors you receive are important. Usually a list of steps to reproduce the failure are important too.



*Note - I had to substitute , for . because of this forum rules

From E-mail: You@YourEmail,com
SMTP Server:,com
SMTP Domain: gmail,com
SMTP Port: 465
[ ] Use Alternative SMTP (SSL PORT 465 VS TLS PORT 587)
[X] Use Credentials
SMTP Username: You@YourEmail,com
SMTP Password: [YourPassword]

I also Turned on Allow Less Secure App in the Security section in my Google Account.


THANKS!! You are the MAN!!
I tried EVERYTHING ---- EXCEPT ---- Allow less secure app
Once I enabled that my test email passed!!
Bro, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to this forum sooner. I seriously LOST ALL HOPE HERE.
You can post a question and no one gets back to you.

I posted another issue I am having. When I first started evaluating OpenALPR I installed it dualcore CPU.

Now I’m needing to migrate it over to a free dell R510 I picked up from a buddy that has 12 bays for storage.
I tried removing the HDD and placing it in the server. It boots up to ubuntu window but then throws out a bunch of errors.

I was thinking of installing redhat as that is a supported OS and someone told me maybe I could try a mysqldump/restore to move the database.
I’m still not sure how to do that.
I would be willing to pay you if you could help me with that.

Not sure if I can post my email here or some way to contact me.

But I have been wanting to do that for almost 6 months now.