Slow to send plate through and process Webhook


Hi we have one camera on a ramp that is accurately collecting plates day and night. In the openALPR client you can see the plate is detected and overlay shows correct plate but it doesn’t seem to do anything with it. It’s only when the car drives out of frame that it appears to release the fact that it found the plate and then process the webhook to IFTTT that then triggers the Wifi remote relay in the barrier arm. That all works but is way too late. I can sit in the camera view for ages and it does nothing with my plate until I move up the car park ramp and then eventually it triggers it. Is there any settings in the agent which we can change to improve the time it takes to send the plate and trigger the Webhook?

If we can get this to work I want to buy the monthly licence.



That’s to do with plate grouping. Take a look here for more info: