Running OpenALPR On-Premises Web Server In Docker


I would like to run the OpenALPR On-Premises Web Server in a Docker container. Is there a current image available that I can download?

Also, Is there any issues with Agents that are running in Docker containers posting data to a Web Server that is running in a Docker container?



It’s possible, although it’s not supported or recommended. The web server requires a MySQL database and Redis and has a number of independent processes. Docker isn’t great for things that require persistence, so this means either volume mounts for the db/redis containers (and managing upgrades independently) or running MySQL/Redis on separate bare-metal servers. Some folks have setup a docker-compose configuration for this (using external database/caching servers), but it’s something they maintain themselves. Cron jobs need to be setup separately and the OpenALPR schema upgrades need to be triggered manually (outside of the APT upgrade process).