Running Alprd wrapper on a folder



Is there any way to add a camera.conf file to the stream.d folder to have it monitor a folder to process videos? Is the Alprd to cloud more accurate than the alpr cli?

I’m currently testing with a script to copy the saved files to a folder, then a watcher python script to do a ‘ls’ on the folder and check for new files, then run alpr against the new files. I would prefer to do this native to Alprd so I could push to the cloudalpr and so car detection etc is included.

Many thanks in advance


I wrote a similar program that watches a folder of images, creates a pseudo camera.conf file, and uploads the results to an OpenALPR webserver (cloud or on-premise). Perhaps the source on Github will help you get started on the video variation

There is no accuracy difference between alprd and the alpr CLI - both use the same LPR engine underneath the hood


Ah thanks, I will take a look. I guess at least with Alprd I get the car make and model etc, which I don’t get in the Alpr cli


the other thing missing in alpr cli vs alprd is the grouping function.
Has anyone found a way to process a video folder with alprd and stream.d conf file perhaps?

Many thanks