Repurposing old lpr camera kit for open alpr

I have a camera kit that was used for a different repossession company I want to be able to use them with open ALPR to build a private database. I don’t want anyone to have access to my data. I am not super tech/coding savy. I been looking around to try to find the basics I need to get this going and I am super lost.

I have 4 cameras, unknown manufacture. they are inferred ip cameras. the POE/brain is a Nexcom VES30-4S

I want to be able to upload all of my scans to my google drive via FTP then relay what I need on to a scan selling platform where I can list just the plates I have scanned to sell the hit locations to repossession companies. the site I want to use is

anyone have any basic 101 tips for trying to get a setup like this going