Quiestion about licence model

Is your software i can download from github completely opensource?

If yes: Is it able to detect licence plates by itself, which means without any network connection to cloud, server, etc?

If yes: If it’s completely opensource, why i can enter some licence keys?

If no: Are parts of your software i can download from github closed-source?

Thank you for your feedbacks.


Here i read something about a “open source” vs. “commercial” agent:

Now i downloaded the win64 version here on github, but there is not file called alprd.conf - only openalpr.conf … but it doesn’t have a section [daemon] for example…

So: How to start and configure the opensource agent after unpacking that zip?
-> https://github.com/openalpr/openalpr/releases/download/v2.3.0/openalpr-2.3.0-win-64bit.zip

And there is also nothing called “alprd” or similar…

Thank you for your feedback.