Problems running my software - Raspberry Pi being used

Hello, and first may I say thank you for allowing me access to this forum.

I am trying to build the project described in and am using the following command in the cURL POST tab, sudo curl -X POST “ SECRET KEY&recognize_vehicle=1&country=eu&return_image=0&topn=10” -F image=@/home/pi/Pictures/car-photo.jpeg - I have replaced my actual secret key with the text MY SECRET KEY but when I run the programme the debug is as follows;

9/25/2018, 8:56:48 AMnode: 542c9516.cd17ec
msg.payload : Object
uuid: ""
data_type: "alpr_results"
epoch_time: 0
processing_time: object
total: 62.74400000256719
plates: 56.81900405883789
vehicles: 0.0030000010156072676
img_height: 600
img_width: 800
results: array[0]
credits_monthly_used: 128
version: 2
credits_monthly_total: 2000
error: false
regions_of_interest: array[1]
0: object
y: 0
x: 0
height: 600
width: 800
credit_cost: 2

Could someone advise me as to why it is not reading the plate correctly and providing an output.

Many thanks is advance


Can you post your image where you trying to read the license plate from?

from a real license plate via the raspberry pi cam plugged into the raspberry pi



Hello, you can check out Plate Recognizer as they have an efficient License Plate Recognition software that runs on Raspberry Pi