On-Premises OpenALPR Configuration



Hello OpenALPR team
I have some questions, we plan deploy about dozens on-premise agents

  1. Can OpenALPR agents integrate in one central system (both… plate metadata and pictures)?

If some agent lost connection to central system
2. The remote agent is still working?

After the connection was established
3. The central system can pull or agent push the data to central system?




  1. Yes that is exactly how the system is designed. The agents all report to a single central database/webserver. Every time they see a plate, they upload the plate metadata (very small amount of data) to the central server. The images/videos are recorded locally in a rolling buffer. This way, the data is uploaded real-time, and the bandwidth usage is extremely low.

  2. Yes, if the agents lose connectivity they will buffer the results and send them as soon as connectivity is reestablished. The results will be added to the database as soon as it’s sent. No data would be lost, just delayed.

  3. The agent makes a connection with the central database/webserver. The only port that needs to be open is port 443 on the webserver side. All communication between agent and webserver happens over that port.