New User - Signed up for Cloud Stream


Wondering what service I would need for the advertised free 2 days of storage, as my hobbyist budget would not allow for $40 or $80 a month for the service.

When I installed the software on the Win10 PC, a dialog asked what type of service I wanted, and I chose ‘Cloud Stream’ as it seemed the easiest for my needs.

(What cool software this is! I’ve already recommended it to the facilities manager at my office.)

My concern is that the dashboard is now saying ‘Your 14 day trial of Cloud Stream Professional will expire in 14 days. Enter a credit card to ensure uninterrupted service.’

Will I still get the 2 days of free storage after the 14 day trial?


Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, after 14 days the service will revert to the “Free” mode and you will still get 2 days of free storage.