Need Help - Account Seems To Have Become Corrupt


Hi there

I need some technical help. I’ve been using OpenALPR without issue until today. specifically one of my cameras had an issue so I had to take it offline. I removed the old agent and camera BUT even though it states on the cloud portal that you will lose all data associated, it never deletes the captured data.

On top of this when I added a new agent back in and the camera I see it show up with the green status and FPS for about a sec then it goes back to red before again returning to green. It does this continuously now.

I parallel I also see the Agent Uptime go from say 10 minutes (about when I started the agent) to 0 minutes and when it goes to 0 that is when the Camera shows green. Almost as though my account has become corrupted with the old agent and old details and won’t clear itself.

Anyone else run into this and no how to resolve ? I’m using Dahua cams with the generic URL and the test stream works fine

UPDATE: Sure enough strange things going on. Log into 2 different browsers and see 2 different agents on the cloud api for the account even though I deleted them. Similarly the historic data is still showing even though deleted again and cam. How do I get the account cleared of these erroneous agents/cams so I can get this working again ?



I even tried registering a new account but as soon as I registered the agent, it noticed it was from the same host machine (Mac running docker) and picked the cam back up and had the same issue ! Therefore appears to be something with the locked / corrupted agent(s). How do I remove the agents completely and or have my host machine register as a brand new agent that won’t pickup past configs even though I’m using different account logins for this test ?