Multiline support


Hi there!
Can anyone please confirm wich countries have multiline plates support in commercial version?


Hi Jailson,

Which country are you looking at, specifically? The countries that have multiline plates are:

Saudi Arabia
Great Britain

The commercial version supports multiline for all of them. For Brazil (2-line motorcycle plates) and Europe we are working on improving the accuracy.


Thanks Matt.
I was looking at brazilian case. I made some multiline tests with the API but without success.
Hope improvements come soon. Please let us know when that happens.


Thanks, Jailson. The next version will significantly improve the case for European 2-line motorcycle/truck plates. We already have what we need for that. We’re still trying to collect enough data (images containing Brazilian motorcycle plates) to improve the accuracy there, as well. If you have any amount of images, we could use them.


Hi Matt, any progress so far ?


Yes, the two-line European data is looking good. We have an upgrade coming in August/September time-frame that will be generally improving accuracy across all countries, add Russia support, and improve the 2-line support in EU. We have not been able to find sufficient 2-line Brazilian motorcycle images to make an improvement, although we’re looking for good sources.


We actually just got a sizeable upload today for Brazilian 2 line plates. We can accept more, but this gives us enough for reasonably high accuracy The next release (Aug/Sep timeframe) will have the improvements.


How could I help with 2-line support?


If you have any images of license plates, we can accept them for the next round of upgrades.


Do they need to be cropped? I have some but the quality is not so good.


Uncropped, original images are preferred. We have a data entry team that can format them to the format that we need.


Hi, I am planning to use the commercial version. My country code is VN (vietnam) and it has multiple line Plate.

how can I get the VN support or way to create the custom country code?

btw, can we customized the On-premise API web to have some extra function like vehicle speed… i meant the commercial version only.




We would need to train the commercial engine for you. It is a significantly more complex process. If you can provide many images containing plates and vehicles in Vietnam (at least 10,000), we could add support.


how can i send my brazilian bycicles images to you?


Hi, I have problem with Italian multiline plate. In attachment a example.
Many Thanks


What version of the software are you using (alpr --version)?

I just tested with 2.6.101 and it works for me:

alpr -c eu
plate0: 4 results
State ID: eu-it (98% confidence)
- ZA748NR confidence: 94.9031 pattern_match: 1
- ZA748NN confidence: 81.3589 pattern_match: 1
- DA748NR confidence: 81.3461 pattern_match: 1
- DA748NN confidence: 67.802 pattern_match: 1


Hi Matt,
I’m using 2.3.0 version in java.


I found 2.6.101 version. How does the license work?
Many thanks