Mobile LPR

Hello, has anyone used old camera systems from DRN or likewise with OpenAlpr? I am wanting to use a good LPR camera system for repoessesion work. Any help with this would be apprerciated. Has anyone developed their own mobile LPR camera system with consumer hardware? Thank You.

i have been looking for a reliable source as well using ip cameras, non drn. most of the lpr programs do not gps tag and are designed for parking lot/stationary mounting

I’ve setup a couple different variations using Nvidia Jetson boards (TX2 & Nano) with a couple ip cameras and a USB gps. They’ve worked great. I’m using the Nano right now. I like it because it’s small and easy to move from car to car

But honestly the easiest, and probably best, setup was just running openalpr off of a good laptop with a Nvidia card. I started playing around with the Nvidia Jetsons when COVID hit because my kids stole all the good laptops for school.

As far as cameras, I’m just using a couple small Aercont ip cameras mounted with a bracket to my visor mounts.

Thank you for the reply. I guess I am having a hard time finding in the software where the GPS data is setup. Can you point me in the right direction? I appreciate all your time and help in advance.

Hello Clay, We do not have any history with older DRN camera systems. However we do have a system similar to that same style that we have built out. If you were to fill out that contact card you would get in touch with someone who could assist with this inquiry.


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