Milestone Supported configuration help needed

I have a Milestone XProtect Windows server setup and configured and would like to integrate it with OpenALPR. I understand that there is a plugin, but want to verify if the OpenALPR on premise agent can reside on a different server than the Milestone Xprotect server. It is a requirement in our environment to keep the OpenALPR software on a sperate box from the Milestone server.

Can the Milestone plug-in be configured to access the remote Beanstalk queue on the OpenALPR server and load the data in to Milestone? Or is there another way for the two server to communicate.

Also, I would like to take advantage of GPU processing. Is GPU processing available on Windows or is it only available on and Ubuntu server? If it is only available on Ubuntu this is another reason why we need to keep the OpenALPR on its own box.


The OpenALPR Milestone plug-in is available (open source) here:

We just kicked off a project recently to improve the plug-in. This would include:

  1. Receiving data via HTTP POST, rather than beanstalkd to make it easy to run OpenALPR on other servers
  2. Improving the plug-in configuration interface