Middle East 2 Line Plates


What version do I need to identify two line license plates for both Afghanistan and Iraq? Can we use the On-Prem solution? I plan to use a Dell server with 2 Tesla p-40 cards running linux 18. I saw on your site (http://doc.openalpr.com/release_notes.html) that Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman are now supported as of Oct 2018. Can you confirm two line plates are supported and if so, what version, licensing, etc?

Yes, Iraq plates (2 line) do seem to recognize correctly. We do not support Afghanistan plates.

I would use the latest version (2.6.101) or the upcoming 2.6.103 beta.

How many cameras are you planning on supporting and at what resolution? 2 Tesla P-40 cards should be able to handle a decent number of cameras.