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Virginia Supreme Court To Consider Challenge To Police Storage Of License Plate Reader Data.

The Washington Post reports, “A challenge to the Fairfax County, Va., police storage of data collected by automated license plate readers, thrown out by a Fairfax County judge in 2016, was revived by the Virginia Supreme Court Thursday.” The court “ruled that the photos snapped by the readers constitute ‘personal information’ which might not be legally retained by the police, depending on further investigation by the courts.” The Post says the case “could ultimately impact every police department in Virginia which uses the license plate readers, in terms of how long they can keep the data the readers generate.” Fourteen US states “have laws addressing how the police shall maintain license plate data, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and nine of those states impose limits on the length of time it can be kept, from three years (Arkansas) to three minutes (New Hampshire). Virginia has no such law.”