Lighting conditions


I’m a research student from India.
I’m are trying to implement LPR for Indian plates, but the lighting conditions doesn’t suite all the cars at night. since every car in India have custom plates where some plates illuminate when the IR hits the plate. If you’ll have any suggestions for me that would help my research a lot.


For night-capture, we generally recommend infrared cameras with IR illuminators. If you configure the shutter speed to a very fast value, these will work great at night. You’ll see a nice clear image of the license plate. Most of the scene will be black or very dark and the reflective plate will be bright

If the plates are not IR reflective (a few countries like India allow these), then it is more difficult to capture plates at high-speeds in open areas (e.g., highways). In garages or other enclosed areas you could install adequate visible spectrum lighting (i.e., a bright white LED) to illuminate the plate. But if the plates don’t reflect, the infrared results will not be nearly as good.