Jpeg Photo

Is there anyway of taking the jpeg Photos from a Reconyx Hyperfire SM750 and putting them into the software to capture and record just the plates in the photos. Camera is a LPR capturing camera that takes 5 photos at a time great quality day and night but over a week you can have 20,000 photos. I use this in law enforcement.

This is possible - but you will need a small program that can scan a folder and process the images through OpenALPR. You can do this using a Linux or on a windows computer using NodeJS.

The steps would be as follows:

  1. Copy images from Camera SD card to designated folder on computer
  2. Program processes all the images in the folder through OpenALPR.
  3. Plate results from OpenALPR are saved to a database or CSV file.

I build LPR software for commercial parking garages, I would be happy to share a code snippet you can use to accomplish this. This solution does not cost money as you can use the open source version of OpenALPR.

That Will Be Great addition . Surprised that this is not as easy as stinging photos together like in stop motion film. Just not sure of how to up load into the opnelpr only live feed.