It seems that Japanese plates can not be recognized well


I used Cloud API for Japanese car.
There are no problems with the 4 digit and 3 digit numbers.
However, in the case of 2 digits, a 3 digit number is output, and in the case of 1 digit, nothing is output
Is there a solution


Thank you for letting us know. Your comment is well-timed. We’ve been working on improving this particular case in Japan for many months, and we just pushed an update today that should resolve the issue. Please give it another try.

I’ve attached an example image below


Dear matt san

Thank you for your reply.
I confirmed immediately.
As a result, 1 digit and 2 digit plates were to be judged correctly.
That’s excellent.

Also, I made this as an application and incorporated it into the HoloLens.
It is an application that the analysis result is displayed when I tap the air with the HoloLens and take a picture with the HoloLens camera.

Keiichi Ota