Issues running the example OpenALPR code


I’ve built OpenALPR several times, twice following this installation which seems to be working out for many other.

When I check for alpr --version it returns 2.3.0 and when I import the API from openalpr import Alpr it also works just fine.

Running the example code on the documentation is the issue. I’ve directed the directory to two places where both runtime_data and the .conf files are located on the PC

alpr = Alpr("us", "/usr/share/openalpr/config/openalpr.defaults.conf", "/usr/share/openalpr/runtime_data")


alpr = Alpr("us", "~/LibrariesAndPackages/openalpr/openalpr/config/openalpr.defaults.conf", "~/LibrariesAndPackages/openalpr/openalpr/runtime_data")

Unfortunately I receive the following error for both. (Link Below)

I’ve been attempting to resolve this issue for a while and would appreciate any help solving it. Thanks!