Indian motorcycle recognition problem


Hey, I tried to use your software on indian bikes and it is requiring a little bit of preprocessing to recognise them. Here are the two images we tried:

(it is limiting me to post another image)

As you can see,after remove the small logo, the detector was able to recognise them with good accuracy. We want to use this software in an area where frequent motorcycles and cars would be ongoing. Would it be possible to further improve your model?
You can try other images too(although the ones I tried were not being recognized):
google image link



Try backing up from the image a bit.

These types of captures (close-up shots at an angle) are actually quite hard to recognize. You have two options:

  1. Take the capture from a few feet away where the angles are not as severe
  2. Use a viewfinder or something in your app so that the plate is already taking up the entire scene. You can tell OpenALPR to not try and detect the plate, just use the crop that you provide.