Inaccuracy in Number plates recognition


I’m testing the OpenALPR Cloud API to recognize licence plates in order to blur them for privacy purpose.

There are few images where some images fail to capture the plates, Not sure why as i am new. Is there any config changes do i need to do .

Athough there are multiple image, the top image should have been captured as it is very clear . Plate style is Japan

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


Can you try again? We pushed a deployment recently with improved accuracy for Japanese plates. It looks like it recognizes your sample image.


Hi @matt . Thank you for your reply and looking into the issue. Yes you are right my sample image is recognized now. However i still do believe that it can be more accurate.

In the above image , the bottom right is not captured.

Can you test with these sample images also.



In the above image , Although there are multiple image but only top image is identified , the bottom left should also have been captured as it is very clear.


Hi @matt. Did you get any chance to look in the above two sample images?


Try sending a crop of the image. The cloud service enforces a maximum resolution, which means your images are being resized to fit.


Yes it works after cropping. Is there any way where we can increase the resolution setiings?