Image not being sent with email alert


Hi and thanks in advance for any advise,

I have 3 sites running currently with a large blacklist, when the alert email is generated it used to contain the image of the detection, now all that is received is the link were the user must log in. How do I set it up so the alert email contain the image of the detection?

Also is there a way to send an email notification to a email address of someone who is not a user? I have a lot of email recipients that I want to receive alerts but they don’t need access to the dashboard.

Thanks again


The alert e-mails should contain a crop of the vehicle and the plate image. Are you not receiving any attachments with your alert e-mail? Make sure that your agent is the latest version (2.7.102). Also if you’re not using the cloud service, you may need to upgrade your web server to the latest version.

Any user with login access would be able to search for plate reads. Would having a special access type that is “alerts only” be sufficient? One potential current solution is to use the WebHooks feature to send data to a script that could send alert e-mails based on whatever logic you like. However, this would require custom programming/development.