IFTTT webhooks

I’d like to use IFTTT with OpenALPR to add a row to a spreadsheet for each plate read. How is value1 set in the OpenALPR webhooks URL field so I may add the plate to the row? I’ve gotten as far as adding a timestamped row for each read using:


I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by value1?

The WebHooks data will be passed to the receiving endpoint as JSON data. If IFTTT can parse it then it could grab the “best_plate_number” value from the JSON data and add to the spreadsheet.

Value{1,2,3} are hardwired in IFTTT webhooks.

I’ve tried passing the data in the URL, but Values aren’t passed into spreadsheet. Various delimiters {}, (), “” attempted to no avail.


I see. Our WebHooks data are sent in a particular format (JSON in the payload). That’s not something you can modify.

I would recommend sending our WebHook POSTs to an intermediary service (e…g, a server you control or something like AWS Lambda) which can then reformat it into a GET request with the query parameters IFTTT requires.


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Any update on getting this to work? I was hoping to do the same thing.