I am going to be using Dahua camera


Hi My camera does detect under IPCamera auto detect say 192.x.x.x:80 and then I have to enter the username password but as soon I hit okay The Application Disappears and then nothing…

What is going on ? Is there something that I need to do on camera setting or add it in different way ?


Do you know the RTSP stream URL? If so, you can always type that in manually. The autodiscovery feature is simply looking for an RTSP Stream URL to plug-in. So, if you know that value you can type it in and bypass autodiscovery.

I think the issue here is that our ONVIF auto-discovery is failing. If you can setup the camera on public internet and e-mail us credentials (to support@openalpr.com) we can take a look to try and diagnose what the problem might be.