HELP! Wrong webcam image returned when testing


I recently installed openALPR to test for 14 days. I have spent 2 days of my trial just trying to get the camera connected. I have a built in laptop webcam, but I purchased a better quality webcam that connects via USB. When I attempt to test the USB Webcam, it returns an image from the built in webcam. Can someone suggest a fix? I am desperate.


I have resolved this issue. I had to disable my built in Webcam.


Yes. Me To. I had to disconnect the local web cam (is normal ?).
In my case, I have a 1080p web cam (Logitech 920) but the agent only catches 640 x480 resolution and OpenALPR can not work with this resolution (at least that I present to camera a image in a monitor).

I try to test for a client in street but is impossible with that low resolution. In apps local the resolution its normal (1080 p).
HOW CAN I TO CONFIGURE for OpenALPR catches more resolution ??

(It serve me wonderfull for to testing to final client without to install complex camera IP only to prove).