Excel reports with pics

Today we need to register all the vehicles with all the plates, and the picture of the plates in every case. All thisn information in just one excel document.

We are trying to use it with a sql client with capabilities to export to XLS file.

Thanks in advance.

There are a number of ways to do this, all would require some amount of scripting. Are you using the OpenALPR web server, or just the agent software?

If you’re using the OpenALPR web server, you can use the REST API to grab the license plate metadata and the images and then write that to a spreadsheet.

If you’re using the agent, you can pull the data from a local beanstalkd queue, grab the images locally, and write that to a spreadsheet.

actually i´m testing the two options, and right now using the “Yog ultimate client” for SQL, and i´m importing the data of specific information, but i can not identify how i can export the excel file with the croped plates jpg´s. do you have some idea? thanks !