Email alerts not being sent


I am evaluating the free plan commercial ALPR package. As I understand I am allowed 2000 license plate recognitions a month (api-calls) with email alerts but not web hooks.

I have set up a local agent with one test camera that is linked to my account.

Under [Configuration->Alerts] I have created two blacklisted “Alert Lists” and populated each with number plates. I have selected two email recipients for both “Alert Lists”.

After detecting the blacklisted number plates, they appear in the search history but I do not get any email alert on any of the two email addresses assigned to the two “Alert Lists” and the number plate is not listed under “Recent Alerts”. It is therefore evident that it did not match the number plate to the “Alert Lists”.

Is there something I am missing or are alerts not available for testing with the free plan?


The free plan does not include e-mail alerting. You would need to upgrade to the basic plan to see alerts. If you would like, we can extend your evaluation version for another two weeks, please e-mail with your e-mail account that you use to login.