Do I need prewarp?


I am not getting consistent results.

  1. Do I need prewarp? Added a prewarp setting in /etc/openalpr/openalpr.conf and also tried /etc/openalpr/stream.d/.conf Did not seem to help

  2. This is a 4k Axis camera, is this image as good as it gets?


I think the best thing to do would be to zoom in a bit closer to where the vehicles are. 4k resolution is so many pixels that it’s difficult to process tiny plates. It’s possible, but it consumes so much CPU/GPU resources that it may not be practical. If you could zoom the camera into a particular area where the cars may be passing by, I think you’ll get much better results.

Prewarp has been deprecated. Our accuracy improved so much in the last couple years, that the warping actually causes more harm than good now, even for extreme angles.