Distinguish Between Vehicle Direction


Is it possible to configure this software to only read vehicles moving in one direction?

For example, we are operating with two cameras pointed at a single lane. One is positioned for entrance and one for exit. Each camera is currently reading rear license plates moving away from the it and front license plates moving toward it without any way to tell the difference on the cloud.

It would be helpful to be able to set up the software for each camera to only record an entry for vehicles moving away from it.


The agent is able to differentiate the direction. There is a “direction_of_travel” field in each alpr_group result. The value is in degrees (0-360) with 0 at the top of the circle moving clockwise. So if the plate is moving downwards in the image, the value would be around 180.

If integrating your own software using our LPR results, you can use this right away. We’re adding a feature to the webserver in the next release that will allow filtering and tagging for direction in the UI.


Using the webUI > Search > Direction doesn’t work as I would expect. Any Direction appears to return same results as Unknown. {North, South, East, West} return null. Using OpenALPR bits downloaded 29nov2018.


In order to search by direction, you must first define the direction arcs for each camera (Configuration -> Agents -> Configure). You can define either Entering/Exiting (e.g., for a parking lot) or North/South/East/West (e.g., for an intersection).

Once you define the arcs, each plate will be tagged with that direction, and you can then search based on them.



Thanks – works nicely. I was assuming that the Dashboard > Direction > ArrowDirection was North/South/East/West corresponding to up/down/left/right.