Data processing and storage in United States - alternatives



My company is highly interested in the cloud solution, but is also very concerned about the pictures processed in US servers, and the storage in US locations.

Is there an option in the subcription plan, that avoid any data storage by Open ALPR Cloud ? As the service seems perfect for our needs, the storage of our pictures / metadatas outside EU is unfortunately a no-go.

Otherwise, do you plan to open your cloud solution in datacenters located in EU ?

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Yes, there is an option on the Cloud API that you can select that will ensure that no image or metadata is stored by our service. If left selected, we may use this data for training/improving our software.


Thanks for your answer.

Does it means that you don’t store the license plate, datetime and IP adress, If the checkbox is not selected ? Is this a commitment of openalpr, indicated in the terms of usage ?


For the Cloud API service (i.e., sending an image to OpenALPR and getting a JSON response) when that checkbox is unchecked, we store no data related to the license plate or the image or the datetime and IP address.


Hello Matt,

Thanks for the answers. Our concerns came from the terms of usage

1.10 OpenALPR Stores Your Data in the United States. OpenALPR provides the Service from the United States. By using and accessing the Service, you understand and agree to the storage and processing of your Data and any other information you choose to provide in the United States.

In theses conditions, the data stored are only the data related to our account ? Name, company … and not the pictures or licence plate datas ?

Otherwise, the “on premise” server could be an option, but the recognition is less effective than the cloud solution ? Also, the pricing is not not displayed in the website, do you have any documentation about this ?

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