Choosing an outdoor camera


We’re currently struggling choosing an appropiate camera for an outdoor installation.

There another thread How to pick a camera but the recommended cameras are difficult to get in germany.

Maybe someone can get us a hint for a “good” camera available in the EU?


Not sure about Germany, but Andy Wang ( in Hong Kong can deliver English firmware Dahua cameras via DHL to California within 5 days, by using PayPal. Just send him your PayPal email address and the camera you want. He also stands by the products if there’s ever an issue. The Dahua HFW5241E-Z12E is very good for LPR, as is the earlier 5231-Z12 model. (Update: These models do have auto-focus issues when using full optical zoom when switching between day and night modes - there’s a ‘DahuaSunriseSunset’ free software available to compensate).

He has an AliExpress store:
And an store: Search for " EmpireTech-Andy"

He offers discounts to people on the IPCAMTALK.COM forum, too. His handle there is “EMPIRETECANDY”