Cannot Send HTTP POST to web server

Hey all,

I’m using ALPR watchman and am attempting to send data via HTTP POST to a web server. Unfortunately, it seems that OpenALPR does not respond when opting to select this data destination. (see image)

The licensing options is a little confusing. I suspect this may be due to my current subscription plan which is free. However, it does not state anywhere that I should subscribe if I’d like to select (Other HTTP Web Server) as the data destination, that being said I would still like to the Commercial Camera stream plan for the alerts.

So is this a license issue? Or is there something wrong with my URL endpoint (have tested on 3 all 3 don’t work).

I’d appreciate any help regarding this matter, thanks

Typically when we see a “Waiting for video” message, it is due to the licensing. On the free plan, you can only send results to the Cloud (mentioned here in the plan description)

Which version of Watchman are you running? You can check under Help > About. If you need help setting up the commercial licensing for a paid plan, I can provide further instructions