Can open alpr open gates?


hello is it posible to open gates or garant acces to the cars in a parking on a building with the plates ??



Yes, it’s definitely possible. A number of customers have built solutions using OpenALPR to read the number plates and, in turn, trigger gate access.

We don’t provide any direct integration with gate access control manufacturers, however it’s easy to setup our software to start reading license plates and provide your application the plate numbers. After we provide you the plate results, your application would need to trigger the opening of the gate.


hello, mr hill

thanks for your answer i will start to make a few test on a raspberry pi.

just i need to find the way to get the output from aplr software and put it into a database compare the data that aplr give and then trigger a signal to the gate if the plate is into the database!

let me know if im in the right way ?



The simplest way would be to run our agent software:

Once setup, the agent will read directly from the cameras, and then make the data available to your app either via push or pull. Push means the agent will send an HTTP POST to your application endpoint. Pull means that it will leave the data on a beanstalkd queue that you can retrieve. In both cases, the results are available as JSON.


Can u show a little example how u can simple pull the information to your app? I am trying to pull the license plate number to my dynamics 365? But my endpoint of 365 is secured with Azure authentication? Any idea how I could do that?


There are many ways to receive data from OpenALPR. From the agent you can:

  1. Receive HTTP POSTs as the plates are read (
  2. Pull from a beanstalkd queue as the plates are read (

#1 can be received by any HTTP server.

Here is a simple example for #2 written in Python

You can also have the web server POST results via WebHooks. This is a nice approach when you have many dozens or hundreds of agents and wish to receive all the results in one location (e.g., to apply custom alerting logic or integrate the data with a central system).


Did you have a luck getting this working.




Hey Matt,

thanks for the reply

The documentation mentioned by you says I need to have a valid licence to opt for any of the above options.

Can you please clarify how to generate these licence, my project is not having any commercial interest


There’s a free 2-week evaluation key you can have generated here:

To purchase permanent licenses you can contact


It is possible to configure the agent to send the information to the ON-PREMISE server and also to send the information to beanstalkd.

If possible what configuration to make in the file “/etc/openalpr/alprd.conf” ??

Because in the documentation it is not clear if the configuration can act together in the excerpt that says “Both approaches are equally valid;”. LINK

The purpose of this configuration is to continue to take advantage of the WEB ON-PREMISE server (option # 1) and use an application written in PYTHON that picks up the beanstalkd TUBE to send the detected cards (option # 2) to the gate opening sensor .

Today I am with the agent to send to the web server ON-PREMISE which in turn is configured to send an HTTP POST (WEBHOOK) to the gate opening sensor, this has generated a delay of 4 seconds of processing until the effective opening of the gate gate.

With beanstalkd I believe it would have a more REALTIME performance.

Grateful for the attention.