Camera recommendation?

I’m planning to use OpenALPR to read license plates coming onto our property. I’m wondering if people have any camera recommendations? I’d prefer an IP camera.

Ideally the camera should work well in all (or at least most) lighting conditions. I was hoping to be able to use just two to capture plates going through a single file section of the entrance.

I’ve had excellent experiences with a couple of Dahua cameras, is anyone using those?

The Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E is pretty popular as an LPR camera. Go to and look at the LPR sub-forum for more information. For best results, you’ll want to run the Dahua Sunrise / Sunset utility on a PC in your network so that the camera will automatically switch between day and night mode.

Keep in mind that an LPR camera optimized for nighttime viewing will basically only show the plates, and not much else due to the very short shutter time required for a clear image. If you want to record details about the vehicle at night, you’ll need another “overview” camera with different shutter / exposure settings.

Here is a link to our list of recommendations:

The link is down.

Sorry for that, it should be working now