AlprGroupResult::travel_direction is sometimes 0


I am having an intermittent problem where the travel_direction attribute of an AlprGroupResult is sometimes 0. It should be a float between 0.000 and 359.999. I have a long series of results which make sense (nowhere near zero), interspersed with occasional zeros here and there (maybe 1-2 % of all results). My suspicion is that the algorithm fails for a few cases, perhaps very slow movement or erratic zigzag patterns? I am not sure what the algorithm looks like, but I guess it could be a trigonometry problem. I’d be happy to provide further information for debugging.



You are correct, we had a bug in version 2.5.103 where the direction of travel would sometimes be set to a value of 0 (due to a math error). This has been fixed in the latest version (2.6.101) which was released this week if you want to upgrade and try it out.