Alprd.exe 100% cpu

Hello OpenALPR friends…
I am having issues with the daemon continuing to spike my CPU to 100%. Can this be reduced? It doesn’t seem like it should take this much CPU power to analyze the video.

I am running a AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-core processor @ 3.4GHz with 16GB of ram on WIndows 10 Pro. GForce GTX 1070 GPU


Hi Brad,

Real-time image analysis is always CPU intensive but there are many ways to reduce the load. First of all, that GPU could probably be put to good use. Try changing the settings in the parameter file in order to use the GPU instead and see if that changes the CPU usage.

Also, both the fps (frames per second) and resolution of the camera greatly affect the number of computations per second. If you can set the resolution of the camera to be lower (or change the settings to downgrade the incoming data stream before analysis) and also lower the fps, you should see a strong reduction in CPU load. I had a CPU fan failure on a device, but was still able to use it and reduce the CPU load to almost nothing when I reduced the fps to two frames per second. Unless you are looking at a very tight angle and the vehicles are passing by at very high velocity, you probably do not need a high framerate.

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Thanks Andreas, that was super helpful! Can you tell me one more thing? Where is the GPU settings, and where is the parameter file? Is this in advanced settings? Do you have a tutorial on how to set this up?

I’m glad I could help.

I’ve never used the agent and never in Windows, but judging from the documentation over at

it looks like you need to download and install a few prerequisites to get those NVidia Cuda drivers going and then change the agent config file alprd.conf in your install directory.